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How Planning Poker helps to Improve your Team's Estimations (02/2019)
Definitely worth a try, enjoy!

Improve Estimations with Planning Poker

Planning Poker (or Estimation Poker) is a method for estimating backlog items utilising the power of gamification. A great approach for team building too.

Improve Estimations with Planning Poker

(Reading Time:7min)

Mobile UX in Time — Micro Moments (06/2017)
Your Approach to Micro Moments as New Key Touchpoints

Mobile UX in Time

What do you need to know about Micro Moments, Moments of Truth, Mobile User Experience (UX), Time Perception, and Decision Making to create great Products with engaging Touchpoints for your Customers?

Mastering Mobile UX & Micro Moments

(Reading Time:18min | Videos: 25min)

Product Design & User Research (12/2016)
How do people perceive your product?

Mobile UX in Time

We are living in a world of products, and it's about us to make it more fun. And as joining this big intent-driven network full of relationships and interaction is what we call User Research for Product Design, make sure to ask the right questions.

Learn Product Design & User Research

(Reading Time: 22min)

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