How to Set Up Google Analytics for Opt-Out/In Cookies & Do-not-Track Browser-Settings

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Implementation Time: from 5min

by Robert Matthees > E-commerce > easy-ga.js (2018-01-06)

easy-ga.js - Easy to Implement JavaScript Plugin (Open Source)

Inspired by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & the European ePrivacy Regulation (ePR), I was looking into a Google Analytics Set-up that respects the Data Privacy Choices of Website Visitors / Online Shop Users, but still tracks their Orders & Transactions properly. The outcome is a little script:

  1. Checking the User's Privacy Choices with regard to Opt-out Cookies & Do-not-track Browser-Settings prior to the Initialisation of any Google Analytics Tracking Code
  2. Providing an Opt-out by Default Option where Users are required to Opt-in before any Tracking takes place
  3. Starting (or not!) Google Analytics Tracking accordingly to the User's Settings via analytics.js with anonymizeIp=true
  4. Adding the right Functions to your Google Analytics Opt-out-Link & Opt-in Link as they need to be a part of your Cookie Policy / Privacy Agreement (including confirmation messages supporting a nice UX)
  5. Not Tracking any Onsite Behaviour of Users with Do-not-Track Settings / Cookie Opt-out or Users who Disables Cookies in their Browser if the Opt-out by Default Mode is active, but still tracks their Orders / Transactions in Google Analytics by an Ajax Call to a little PHP-Script that forwards the Enhanced Ecommerce Transaction (EC) via Google's Measurement Protocol (Google Analytics Backend Tracking)
  6. Detecting Users with strict AdBlocker Rules that kicked out your Google Analytics JavaScript Tracker + Track their Transactions via Ajax & Measurement Protocol too
  7. Display Customizable Warning Messages to Users whose Privacy Choices prevent you from Tracking explaining that optimizing their on-site experience isn't possible because of their current settings (+ further targeting scenarios)

Get easy-ga.js on GitHub (version: 0.1)

Set-up Google Analytics Tracking


var myTracker = new Tracking({
  'property': 'UA-8238XXXX-1' //***Your Google Analytics ID

Init Default Pageview


myTracker.init(); //***Send Pageview

Add a Google Analytics Tracking Opt-out / Opt-in Link to your Privacy Agreement / Cookie Policy

Example-Link: Google Analytics Tracking: opt-out / in


<a href="javascript:myTracker.opt()">Google Analytics Tracking: opt-<span>out</span><span>/</span><span>in</span></a>

Info: The first Span-Element contains the message shown when the User is able to perform an Opt-out (creating the Opt-out Cookie), the last Span-Element contains the message for an Opt-in (deleting an existing Opt-out Cookie). The one in the middle can be used as separator for an initial, pre-rendered view.

Another Example without a Span-Element in the middle: opt-outopt-in


<a href="javascript:myTracker.opt()"><span>opt-out</span><span>opt-in</span></a>

Same as:

<a href="javascript:myTracker.opt()">opt-<span>out</span><span>in</span></a>

Track a Purchase Transaction with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (EC)


//***Test Data for Purchase Transaction Tracking

//*1. Array with 1 to n Product Objects:
var products = [{
  'id': '12333',
  'name': 'mini skirt ',
  'category': 'woman clothing', //***optional
  'brand': 'best skirts', //***optional
  'variant': 'black', //***optional
  'price': '30',
  'quantity': 5
  'id': '12334',
  'name': 'striped socks',
  'category': 'man clothing',
  'brand': 'hardly new',
  'variant': 'red dot pink black',
  'price': '1',
  'coupon': 'OLDMANSALE', //***optional | Coupon Code (Product Level)
  'quantity': 1

//*2. Transaction Object:
var transaction = {
  'id': 'abc1',
  'affiliation': 'CookieDropShop', //***optional | name of affiliate partner responsible for transaction
  'revenue': '155.99', //***optional | either total or without tax/shipping (up to you)
  'tax': '24.91', //***optional
  'shipping': '4.99', //***optinal
  'coupon': 'SUMMERSALE1' //***optional | Coupon Code (Order Level)


myTracker.init({ 'track': {
  'action': 'purchase',
  'products': products, //***Your Array with Product Obejects
  'transaction': transaction //***Your Transaction Object

Available Tracker Options

Separated by comma:

'property': 'UA-8238XXXX-1', //***Enter Your Google Analytics ID | string | no default

'php': 'easy-ga.php', //***Where is the PHP Script located? | string | default: easy-ga.php

'selector': 'a[href$=".opt()"]', //***CSS Selector of Opt-out Link | string | default: a[href$=".opt()"]

'default_optout': 1, //***Tracking Switched Off by Default (just track after opt-in) | bool | default: 0

'opt_link': 1, //***Change Text of Opt-Out/In Links | bool | default: 1

'msg_confirm': 1, //***Show Opt-out/in Confirmation on Link Interaction? | bool | default: 1

//***Confirmation Messages | string | defaults below
'msg_txt_opt_in': 'opt-in successfull (tracking active)',
'msg_txt_opt_out': 'opt-out successfull (tracking stopped)',
'msg_txt_conflict': 'cookie opt-in, but -do not track- browser settings (still no tracking)',
'msg_txt_no_cookie': 'you need to enable cookies in your browser settings to use this feature',
'msg_txt_no_cookie_optout': 'you need to enable cookies in your browser settings to use this feature (tracking disabled by default)',

//***Confirmation Message Colors | string | defaults below
'msg_cl_opt_in': '#009400',
'msg_cl_opt_out': '#009400',
'msg_cl_conflict': '#ff0000',
'msg_cl_no_cookie': '#ff0000',
'msg_cl_no_cookie_optout': '#ff0000',

'msg_time': 2750, //***How long should the confimation message be displayed? (doubles when conflict / no cookie message) | integer in ms | default: 2750

'msg_container': '.msg-ga', //***Confirmation Msg in a specific Container instead of Link replacement? | string | empty on default

'warning': 1, //***Show Warning Message | bool | default: 0

//***Warning Messages | string | defaults below
'warning_optout': 'Important: There is an Opt-out Cookie saved in your Browser that prevents us from optimizing your experience on our site.',
'warning_do_not_track': 'Important: There are Do-not-track Settings activated in your Browser which prevent us from optimizing your experience on our site.',
'warning_both': 'Important: There is an Opt-out Cookie saved in your Browser & Do-not-track Settings which prevent us from optimizing your experience on our site.',
'warning_adblock': 'Important: Using AdBlockers is like Stealing Pocket Money from Children in Primary School.', //***Not 100% accurate: The Warning Message just comes up when an AdBlock User is not using Do-not-track Settings or an Opt-out Cookie at the same time as otherwise no Goggle Analytics will be started in the Frontend at all (and its running Functionality is used to detect AdBlockers)
'warning_cookies_disabled': 'Please enable Cookies in your Browser Settings to enjoy all features on our site.',

'warning_container': '.warn-ga', //***Where to display the warning message? CSS Selector | string | empty on default

'debug': 1 //***Debug Mode for Console Log Output | bool | default: 0

To Do

  1. Further Enhanceed Ecommerce Features
  2. UID/ClientID Support